Is vampirefreaks a dating site Aandhrasex

Most of the Vampire Freaks profiles are over-coded CSS train-wrecks with annoying GIF backgrounds, awful quotes, eye-stabbingly tiny print and manipulated portraits, frequently of Facebook users who look a whole lot better than the owner of the Vampire Freaks account.

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Users communicate to each other via profile comments and picture comments, which naturally leads account users to engage in attention-seeking behavior Vampire Freaks has a profile rating system, much like many other profile sites.

Users can rate profiles on a scale of one to ten, according to the quality and content of the profile, the appeal of the profile pictures, the user's tastes in music or merely the rater's whim.

The journals at Vampire Freaks are every bit as inane as those at Live Journal, but with even more Gothic drama applied to even the smallest event.

In other words, Vampire Freaks journals are exactly like Dead Journal.

menu0 is STILL there, its just not in the screenshot sorry On November 14, 2011 Vampirefreaks changed their left navigation to left-aligned instead of centered and also changed the font from the original Arial. A friend of mine and myself were 2 of those users, so I decided to create a style to change it back to the way it used to be.

The screencap shows VF in the blue color-scheme but the style will work with ANY color scheme whatsoever.

THIS STYLE WORKS ON EVERY SINGLE VAMPIREFREAKS PAGE (unless your layout has special css coding, of course).

Vampire Freaks caters to all the worst people on the internets including furries.

Vampire Freaks also has a daily "featured member" spotlighted on the front page.

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