Normal dot not updating

There is an urban myth about Word that suggests that Word will mess up your formatting when you send your document to someone else. Templates have names that end in ".dot" or, for Word 2007 and Word 2010, ".dotx" or ".dotm".

This issue is about sending documents to other people. Everyone has a (or, in Word 2007 and Word 2010: normal.dotm).

If you don't have one, Word creates it for you.

There are only three ways in which the document and the template to which it is attached can change one another's styles, and they all rely on your doing something: dialog.

If that box is ticked in your document then, when Word opens the document, Word searches for a template with the same name as the one to which the document is attached.

It's a classic case of an urban myth generated from inappropriate attribution of cause.

Further information Use Word's built-in heading styles because they have "magic" properties.Every time they send a document to someone else, their document's styles are over-ridden!This person concludes that Word messes up styles when you send a document from one machine to another.If you based your document on the Normal Template, and leave that box ticked, and send the document to me, then all the style definitions in your document will be over-ridden by the styles definitions in my Normal Template.So, if you want to preserve the styles in your document, don’t tick the dialog.I don't have a template called Report Template.dotx, so Word would have nothing from which to update the styles. However, you and I both have a file called (in Word 2007 and Word 2010, it's normal.dotm).


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